Any dream or a goal without a plan is just a wish. We provide hand-crafted simple plans and personal guidance to achieve your goals or solve your problems and challenges.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to shorten your struggle period. We help you solve your challenges and achieve business or personal goals. We don't think that a little bit of information should hold you back from your goals, so we're here to prevent that from happening by providing you with all the help and guidance you need.

  • What we do?

    Most of us get stuck with simple obstacles, situations and lack of guidance. If you are stuck, we empower you with basic knowledge and simple plans to move forward quicker and stronger. You get personalized and actionable support in the form of information, ideas, coaching, strategies, plans and personal guidance, all from credible industry experts who help you create a simple yet effective plan to move forward.

Who would benefit from
strategy 499?

  • Individuals

    Individuals looking to start something new but lack
    guidance or a concrete plan.

  • Small and Micro Business Owners

    Who have run into business challenges, simple or
    daunting, and can't seem to resolve them alone.

  • Professionals, Founders & CXOs

    Leaders who find themselves in a relatively new position guiding companies and are interested in quickly gaining a high level of knowledge and expertise on topics specific to their newfound professions in order to more naturally integrate.

  • Students

    Intent on pursuing specific areas of study or
    starting a side business which they lack sufficient
    guidance for.

Is strategy 499 for you?

You got a challenge in your business life or you'd like to start something new altogether, we're here for you. We encourage
all individuals, business owners, professionals, students who are looking for expert guidance to trust us and hear what our
professionals have to say. It's always helpful to have guidance from an expert who's been in your place before and found
their way to the top.

What you get?

  • Structured Approach

    We take a structured approach to help you reach a goal or solve a challenge. Every single step is completely documented and walked through.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    We perform a comprehensive assessment on you to identify the areas of strength and areas of improvements.

  • Knowledge Building

    One-on-one sessions from industry experts to gain familiarity with basics.

  • Road Map & Plan

    We closely work with you and come up with a simple plan to achieve a goal.

  • Resource Inventory

    A comprehensive list of tools, other resources like videos, courses, podcasts , blogs that would help you build more knowledge for success.

  • Interactive Human Support

    100 % human guided support. No videos or apps. Get all your questions, doubts clarified.

Your Benefits

  • Learn Faster. Move Faster

    Human guidance with simple examples and scenarios helps you learn and move faster

  • Save Time & Energy

    No need to spend endless hours on self-research or sit through long videos and training courses.

  • Save Money

    No need to hire expensive consultants or agencies for solving simple challenges.

  • Build Confidence

    With more knowledge and support comes more confidence.

  • Increased Chance of Success

    Our personalized support and expert-created strategies leads to an increased chance of success.

  • Reduced Stress or Anxiety

    Our process is easy. One-on-one support sessions tailored to your needs make this a stress and anxiety free

Examples of the challenges
we've overcome

  • 01

    “I have a great idea for an app but I don’t know how to make an app, how much it costs, or where to start.”

  • 02

    “I run a small business and I need a strategy for advertising in my area, what’s the best way to do this, and how do others who are successful go about this?”

  • 03

    “I’m a student and I want to get into data science and machine learning. What do I need to start and is there any way I can get a personalized learning plan?”

  • 04

    “I’m an accountant who doesn’t know anything about tech but I want to start my own digital marketing business, how should I go about this?”

  • 05

    “I’m experienced and interested in a specific field, How can I start making money by freelancing in that field?”

  • 06

    “I make homemade goods and I want to start selling them online through my own store. What are the best platforms to explore, who can I talk to, and what kind of expenses come with this kind of thing?”

  • 07

    “I run a small business and I want to run a social media campaign. I have no strategy but I don’t want to outsource to a company as it’s extremely expensive. Can I hire a part-time freelancer? Where would I start? What would my expenses be - what ​should ​ my expenses be?”

  • 08

    “I’m the founder of a web design company - I’m always hearing buzzwords like big data, data science, AI, and machine learning. These all seem like key parts of something very important and I’d like to learn more about it, can someone help me understand these terms, give me real-world examples, and teach me how to further pursue these topics on my own?”

How do I get support ?

  • 01

    Reach out to us

    User Contact us form and reach out to us with your goal or a challenge in 1 – 2 lines. Our team would connect with you and discuss your needs and explain how we would work with you.

  • 02

    Get a Free Approach document

    After few kick off discussions, we would create a personalized approach document on how we would help you achieve your goal or address your challenge. Appropriate industry experts would be directly involved at this stage.

  • 03

    Plan walkthrough & Knowledge building.

    Our expert team would closely work you to create all the necessary documents. You would be getting few one-on-one knowledge building sessions from industry Experts. Sessions would be very simple , non-technical focused on real world examples.


Get more details on our process, case studies , documents etc.

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Highlights of our unique approach

Let’s work together to understand your problem…
“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution. – Steve Jobs.”

  • Our team would work with you to accurately define your problem, challenge, or objective.

  • We conduct few sessions to Identify the root cause of the problem or challenge.

  • Experts from the appropriate industry are involved to draft a high-quality plan by which to resolve the challenge at hand.

  • Offer education of the topic by developing a list of basics that you should understand about the topic of interest.

  • Explore industry best practices to understand how others are succeeding.

  • Conduct simple one-on-one educational sessions to explain each step that is being made towards the goal.

  • Provide a clear action plan within the means of whatever resources and tools are at hand to proceed further.

  • Optionally we do help you to find the best talent that would help you implement the plan of action.

  • Offering free support within reasonable times for any and all follow-up questions.


We have different pricing options for each tier. Our pricing starts
with as low as $99 for students.

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